Who We Are

We are the IDMA – The Interactive Direct Marketing Association in Ireland

The only voice of the Direct Marketing industry in Ireland. Leading the way in best Practice for Data Driven Communication.

It all started over 25 years ago (1988) by a team of totally dedicated Direct Marketing Practitioners. This same commitment carries through today by a truly dedicated group of board members, all practitioners that give their time and expertise free as true supporters of the industry and to serve you.
The IDMA are the essential first stop for industry news, trends, updates facilitated through our programme of informative seminars, training, educational links and events.

About Direct Marketing

The clue is in the title – Direct Marketing is any form of advertising that seeks to elicit an action (such as an order, a visit to a shop/website or a request for further information).  Traditionally this was through post, telemarketing or point of sale interactions, Customer response should be measurable for example, the marketer should be able to determine or not if a customer takes advantage of the offer.

Advances in technology have meant that there are now many more means of direct marketing. Email and mobile marketing are the obvious ones but customer loyalty schemes, apps and social media systems amongst others all come in to play. Response tracking and segmentation are increasingly important elements but the golden word is Data and the golden rule data protection.

In summary, The IDMA provide:

  1. ASSISTANCE WITH COMPLIANCE: Best practice guidelines and latest information about regulatory affairs, as well as briefings about legislation and changes pertaining to data and privacy.
  2. SUPPORT TO YOUR CORPORATE REPUTATION AND PROMOTING CUSTOMER TRUST – The Mail Preference Service (MPS) serves to protect customers with over 14,000 names on the list currently and it continues to grow. Members receive the MPS at monthly intervals.Members have free access to our expert panels in relation to their DM, privacy and regulatory affairs concerns.
  3. INSPIRATION: Strategic thinking and thought leadership in all aspects of Interactive Direct Marketing, Loyalty and Customer Retention Expertise.
  4. ADVANCEMENT: training, education, networking with peers and promotional opportunities.

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