Guidelines for dealing with vulnerable consumers

In order to address the needs of vulnerable consumers correctly it is important to be able to identify them. Risk factors can include bereavement, illiteracy, illness, disability or other impairment. In many cases more than one risk factor is present which increases the consumer’s vulnerability.

Frontline staff need to be alert to the signs that the person they are talking to may not have the capacity, at that moment in time, to make an informed decision about the implications of the agreements that they are being asked to make. This is not a diagnosis of a condition, it is just an extension of call centre staff’s existing skill of listening, identifying needs, and adjusting their approach accordingly.

These guidelines have been prepared by our partner organisation the DMA UK as a practical framework to help your organisation develop its own internal guidelines for dealing with the vulnerable consumers it speaks to over the telephone. The IDMA encourages organisations to implement these guidelines:

Whitepaper – Guidelines for call centres dealing with vulnerable consumers

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