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On October 19th Púca‘s Eileen Carroll demonstrated how to use competitions and incentives to grow your opt-in database using widely available mobile friendly technologies while remaining data-compliant.

– Digital Communications and optimised customer experience

– Enticing customers to get involved through appropriate rewards

– Data Protection regulations and your campaign

– Successful opt-in campaigns and what we can learn from them



On May 23rd our EUGDPR webinar series began and ran until September 17th.

Recordings are available to members.


On April 15th we covered Privacy Shield.

In October 2015, the EU Court of Justice ruled that Safe Harbor was invalid, and did not provide adequate protection for the personal data of EU citizens.

Since then, the EU Commissioner and the Federal Trace Commission have been in negotiations to find a replace arrangement for data transfers to and from the US. On Feb 29th, the initial text of the Privacy Shield scheme was published, with the intention that it would replace Safe Harbor.

On March 24th Lorcan Lynch of DataExcel and Hugh Jones looked at how to prepare from, and what to expect from a data audit.  A somewhat scary prospect for any business, it can however be an interesting exercise.

The slides are available here

On January 26th Hugh Jones ran an overview of the long-awaited General Data Protection regulation and covered areas such as:
• Consent for Marketing
• Retention of Records
• Engagement of third parties
• Overseas transfers
• The right to be forgotten
• Data Portability
• The requirement for a Data Protection Officer
• Privacy Impact Assessments and Privacy by Design

Tickets are €15 for IDMA members, €55 for non members
Slides of the event are in the members’ area.

Eircode for VARs

Date: 30th June 2015

Time: 7:30am Registration. 8:00am – 10:00am

Venue: Capita Offices, 2 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2

Event Description:

The IDMA in association with Eircodes is hosting a breakfast event on the 30th June where Eircode will present on becoming an Eircode Provider – i.e. a Value Added Reseller of the Eircode Product set.


Is the introduction of Eircode an Opportunity or an Overhead?

Where: Buswells Hotel, 23-27 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2

When: Thursday, 16th April 2015

7:30am (Registration and Light Breakfast).

8:00am until 10:00 am Presentation

Followed by Q&A

Event description:

This was a heavily subscribed session with some heated debate.

The premise that with Ireland’s controversial new postcodes system ‘Eircode’ just months away a panel of experts would openly discuss the topics with attendees invited to join the debate around this key milestone that will affect all Irish businesses.

The panel included viewpoints from BearingPoint, who are part of the consortium responsible for the introduction of Eircode, Data Ireland and CodecDss who are positioned to help businesses integrate Eircodes into different technology solutions. Gary Delaney of Loc8 gave an alternate viewpoint re delivery systems. Eileen Carroll from Púca gave her clients’ viewpoints on the constraints or benefits for digital marketing. Lorcan Lynch of DataXcel discussed the misconception that Eircode is not compulsory and the implications for digital marketers.

Also on hand was Hugh Jones from Sytorus for data protection and compliance queries.

This open discussion was facilitated by the IDMA Chairman, Dave Furney.

Full panel included:

  • Darina Heavey, Data Ireland
  • Paul Allen, BearingPoint
  • Eileen Carroll, Púca
  • Gary Delaney of Loc8
  • Lorcan Lynch, DataXcel
  • Hugh Jones, Sytorus

This is a unique opportunity to hear first-hand the impact and opportunities that face Irish businesses and how your business can start preparations in advance.

Tickets priced at €15 for IDMA members €75 for non members


Addressing the Future of Data-Driven Communication

On November 27th we held an Eircode update where Paul Allen of Bearing Point discussed:

  • Updates on the communication of Eircode
  • The data services which will be available from the Consortium
  • Technical specifications for implementation
  • Where the different responsibilities will lie
  • How to get prepared

Hugh Jones of Sytorus had consulted with both the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner and with the Dept of Communications and Gemserv. He gave:

  •  Outline of the Privacy Impact Assessment currently under way between the Dept of Communications and Gemserv, the organisation engaged to assess the proposed code. 
  • Likelihood of Eircode being treated as personal data
  • Status of guidelines on appropriate use of codes
  • Interpret how Eircode will stand regarding current Compliance regulations
  • Slides are in the members’ section.

Paul Allen is a director in BearingPoint, part of the Eircode team delivering postcodes for Ireland. He has over 24 years’ IT experience and is a certified Project Management Professional. 

Hugh Jones, Board member of the IDMA, is COO of Sytorus Data Protection Consultancy and regarded as one of Ireland’s experts in data protection.

Unleash The Power of Your Data

ON September 3rd, 2014, we held this roundtable event on how to harness the power of both your existing data and the new data that Eircodes will bring. Designed to showcase all of the exciting opportunities now available, attendees got the chance to interact with experts and award winners in the new world of Direct Marketing –  Mobile, Social, Mail and Apps.

Following a key note presentation by marketing master Gary Brown every table had a fifteen minute presentation from Eileen Carroll of Púca on Mobile, Martyn Rosney, Account Manager at Wilson Hartnell on Social, Josh Whelan from Arnotts on Apps and Dave Furney of RR Donnelley on Mail.

Slides from several of the presentations are available in the Members’ Area under Industry Presentations

Compliance and Croissants

On July 10th in the DCC we held Compliance and Croissants, a session on discrepancies emerging in data audits. Lorcan Lynch of DataXcel presented a case study of their experience of a recent data audit. He outlined what a business can expect, how they should prepare for such an audit and how to best process the recommendations of the DP commissioner to ensure full compliance.

He was followed by Hugh Jones of Sytorus who presented The Commissioner’s Annual Report – Sniper Fire, Explosions and Time-bombs! This was a high-level review of the Report with some insights into recent investigations, ongoing concerns and some timely warnings on what to watch for in the coming months.

He also discussed the recently ratified EU Right to be Forgotten legislation.

Amongst the comments of Lorcan and Hugh’s satisfied customers could be heard lines like “It was really informative and helpful,” and “We really enjoyed it.” Which is no mean feat when the topic is compliance.

Slides of this presentation are available in the members’ section.

How 7 Digits Could Change Your Marketing Outlook

2015 will see the introduction of the Eircode, the most detailed postcodes in the world, to Ireland. How will it work? How can we best prepare? What does it mean for marketing on all levels?

On May 27th Liam Duggan, Capita and Paul Allen, BearingPoint, from the Eircode team delivering postcodes, came to the Helix in DCU to outline for the IDMA how the system would work.

Morgan Nolan of Data Ireland outlined how it would work with data and Alex Walsh of the DMA UK offered the context of the UK system and what postcodes mean in reality.

With over sixty people in the room from the various businesses and disciplines that will be affected by the new system, this two hour breakfast session was occasionally feisty, but in a good way.

Postcodes is a topic we’ll be revisiting when some of the issues outstanding around legislation and Data Protection have been clarified.

Slides from Alex Walsh and Paul Allen’s presentations are available in the Members’ section under Industry Presentations.

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