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Safe Harbor vs Privacy Shield

April 2016: This 2008 report from Galexia has special relevance in the current drafting of Privacy Shield. Read it Galexia_safe harbor – fact or fiction_2008 (3)

The Future of Wearable Tech

March 2016: This podcast from The Guardian features Olly Mann at London’s Wearable Technology Show

Data-Informed vs Data-Driven

Andrew Chen’s blog takes a look at the difference between and the different uses of being data-driven and data-informed. Read it here

The results of the IDMA Pushing the Envelope Survey

Postbox picClick on the pic to see the infogram of our results.

We were surprised by some of the answers.


The ABC’s of A/B Testing

An overwhelming 68% of digital marketers rated the ability to test new campaigns as having the greatest impact on their email marketing efforts (Direct Marketing Association, 2015). Testing is essential for optimizing digital marketing campaigns and is often the best way to uncover the perfect combination of factors to boost the performance of campaigns and improve your ROI.

This eBook will give you the ABCs of A/B testing so you can start testing and optimizing emails and landing pages for better conversions.

The ABCs of A/B Testing

Useful Resources for Email Marketing

This list, while not definitive, suggests some excellent up-to-date sources of ideas and information for email marketers.

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A Useful tool for checking the success or failure of your subject line


Marketing Intelligence Report

B2B Marketing Automation Platforms 2015: A Marketer’s Guide

Read it here


Marketing Analytics.

As the requirement for all Marketing to be accountable grows, many Marketers are turning to Marketing analytics to deliver that accountability. Why are they becoming so important and how can I apply to make marketing efforts more successful? What it is and why it does it matter?

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Data privacy is now a “critical brand differentiator”, research reveals

Data privacy is now a “critical brand differentiator” for businesses looking to acquire new customers, with consumers’ decision to share information driven by the use of trusted channels and transparency, new research published today reveals.

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Direct Marketing Trends

Just as technology changed the way we communicate with friends and family, it continues to create new trends in Direct Marketing. Discover new techniques when used correctly, will positively impact your campaign results.

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Pour Les Francophones..

Study on Email Preferences within the French Market

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UPC Report on Ireland’s Digital Future

This report identifies how Irish people, consumers and businesses use the internet and digital technologies, how they intend using it in future and how the Irish internet economy can contribute to overall national competitiveness in the future.

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The Future of Correspondence

An interesting report from JWT which examines the rise of Slow Communication and the Fusion of Digital and Physical, what’s driving these trends and the ways in which they’re manifesting, and what does it mean for marketers. The report spotlights eight innovative direct mail campaigns and takes a look at how email is evolving, the advent of delivery lockers, and new approaches to stamps and addresses. The bottom line for brands: There are tremendous opportunities to creatively leverage the power of mail.

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Main Developments in the Postal Sector (2010-2013)
Individual Country Reports

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2014 Email Metrics Benchmarking Study

This new email benchmarking study from IBM offers email open, click through and list churn statistics for over 3,000 brands and offers comparisons from across the globe.

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Volume Trends in EU Postal Markets

Antonia Niederprüm prepared this overview for the conference, Postal Regulation and Volume under Pressure. It gives an overview of mail volumes in the EU per country, how they have changed and what likely projections can be expected.

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