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As so much of Direct Marketing is based around data the IDMA guidelines are closely linked to the laws governing data protection and the findings of the Office of the Data Commissioner.

In addition what the IDMA offers, via its data protection experts,  is interpretation and clarification in specific areas.

DP Commissioner’s Report 2014

The ODPC’s most recent report, for 2013 and issued May 2014,  Read the report here

As with each annual report, you will find several case studies included, which are both informative and indicative of the kind of issues with which the Office of the Commissioner is dealing.

We will continue to host a series of events in the coming months to draw from the ODPC’s Annual Report, as well as to focus on the implications of the proposed new DP Regulations, due to be published in early 2016.

View the commissioner’s previous report.

View the DP Commissioner’s Office Guidelines on Direct Marketing




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