Privacy Shield

Privacy Shield: a transatlantic partnership with many opponents

Millenials do care, very much, about internet security

Oct 13: Read the full article from Dark Reading here

What data compliance is a company responsible for?

Oct 14: As EU DP legislation undergoes big changes Tim Wright of ITProPortal examines what responsibilities fall where.

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Microsoft Data Protection case study

July 2 2015: Interesting piece from the Irish Times about Microsoft’s data policy according to their EU head of privacy, Marie-Charlotte Roques-Bonnet.

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Who Owns Personal Data When a Company is sold?

June 28th 2015: Interesting article from the New York Times about who owns and has access to all of a company’s client data when the company changes hands.

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Data Issues in the Insurance Sector (UK)

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Online data: Who collects what?

A handy overview from the New York Times (July 2015) of what data major companies collect from their users and clients.

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Introduction to Big DATA

Propelled by both technological and social change, today’s consumers are increasingly living in a Google-iPad-Cookie-Amazon-Twitter infused world. As a result of the digital revolution and the internet, consumers are now wittingly (and unwittingly) providing brands and services with more data than ever before through their online interactions.

Whether simply opening a brand’s email, browsing a website, purchasing an item online, posting an online product review or tweeting about a brand or service to followers – through their actions and keystrokes – consumers are providing ‘digital data’ that can be recorded, captured, processed and used by organisations.

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Who said Big Data couldn’t be sexy?

Big Data is the future in so many ways and it’s well established that harnessing it increases potential in many areas. However Sameer Hasija, assistant professor of Technology and Operations Management at INSEAD, explains that failing to harness it is not just a lost opportunity, but it will cost money too. This report from our partner agency DMA outlines the benefits, implications, privacy restrictions and future opportunities.


Looking After Your Data as if it were a Child

It’s all very well for big businesses who have entire departments to process their data, but what about smaller companies?  Fergal Nestor, Commercial Director with Data Conversion and Colin Stoddart, Head of Conversion with CarTrawler, look at data strategies for the SME and recommend that you look after your data as if it were a child.

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Best practice guidelines for setting up your DATA Security policy

Thanks to a few high-profile security breaches hitting the digital marketing industry in recent years, the issue of data security has become a prominent fixture on the agenda of Marketers across the globe and underestimating the
importance of data security could put you and your business at risk.
Having a data policy in place will greatly add to the level of trust your customers are willing to place in you and your organisation, and most importantly the amount of data they are willing to share with you.

This document – Data Security Whitepaper – is not a technical white paper but is a guide written by marketers for marketers to outline simple to follow best practice guidelines to help you better protect your data.

Data Security is now a critical brand differentiator

Data privacy is now a “critical brand differentiator” for businesses looking to acquire new customers, with consumers’ decision to share information driven by the use of trusted channels and transparency, new research published today reveals.

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OgilvyOne demonstrating how Big Data can create smarter customer experiences, make the world easier to navigate and treat people like individuals.

Fact or Feeling?

The majority of executives will say they study the data but when their gut feeling contradicts that data, nine out of ten follow their gut. Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence: 100 Ways ot Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing, says this is something to beware of.

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