A word on No Junk Mail notices

There is no legislation governing delivery of unaddressed mail.  Many people use No Junk Mail stickers on their postboxes and reputable companies will instruct their agents to abide by the notice as they are factored into the service cost. Here, IDMA member Martin Reardon of Premium Leaflets explains their policy.

“No Junk Mail addresses in Dublin are at between 14 .7% – 27%, depending on the area. Although that figure also includes apartments and gated communities which we can’t gain access to. The number is lower in the rest of the country. Our distribution figures reflect this as we only charge for what is deliverable. We update our distribution figures every 6 months as figures can go up as well as down.

Our company policy is that we do not deliver to houses with a No Junk Mail sign.

That said we do have an option to deliver to the no junk mail address for clients but it is charged at a higher rate. There are two reasons for this.

  1. During distribution to the No Junk Mail addresses our staff are sometimes in contact with very aggressive home owners. So we pay the guys on the ground what we refer to as ‘Danger money’.
  2. The client delivering to no junk mail addresses often have their item delivered on its own. Its not financially viable for us to deliver to these houses on a shared distribution rate.

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